Property Tax Information


For Veteran Deduction:
You must provide a copy of form DD214 (service discharge document).

  1. Complete form VSS which can be picked up at the Borough Hall (refer to form for service requirement).
  2. Submit a copy of a valid New Jersey driver's license or voter registration.
  3. Deduction amount (annual): $250.

Senior Citizen or Disabled Deduction:

  1.  You must complete income verification form, available from the collector or assessor.
  2.  Complete form PTD which can be picked up at Borough Hall (refer to form for income requirements).
  3. Must provide proof of age for senior citizen deduction (New Jersey driver's license or birth certificate).
  4. Must provide physicians certification for Disabled Deduction for disabled persons deduction.
  5. Deduction amount (annual): $250.
  6. Income can NOT exceed $10,000 after a permitted exclusion of Social Security Benefits, OR Government Retirement/Disability Pension.

Application for exemption may be made to the Borough Tax Assessor, Ken Pacera 732.521.2222 ext. 101
Office Hours for 2022: Thursday Evenings  by appointment.